Exam Lights: FlexeLux 80

 The innovative FlexeLux 80 sets a new benchmark for examination and procedure lights. Its characteristic design is a fine example of form meeting function for the betterment of the clinical environment. By machining the FlexeLux light head from a solid billet of aluminum alloy, the light head's outer surface remains free of holes and screws, essential for perfect cleaning and hygiene. The light head's slim profile is an integral part of the advanced heat management engineering behind the FlexeLux technology.

Superior optical system

Its use of faceted and highly reflective dual-reflector technology allows for a much larger light emitting surface than single-LED lens-technology lights. And thanks to a well thought out arrangement of reflectors resulting in a perfect bundling and overlapping of light rays, the FlexeLux 80 generates a perfectly homogeneous illumination with minimal shadow resolution. Remarkably its advanced optical design creates light that is always in focus without the need for moving parts.

Green Technology

Uncompromising energy and heat management

When it comes to LED lighting, heat management is at the heart of addressing longevity and long-term reliability. For this reason, dedicated engineering focusing on energy efficiency has resulted in extremely low power consumption in the FlexeLux LED lights. Besides economical benefits, this technology generates less heat, thus increasing the longevity of LED's.

Value with green technology:

With advanced optical performance and assured longevity thanks to their low heat, the FlexeLux LED lights present an undeniable value offering. Their LED components have a life expectancy of 50 times that of halogen bulbs, while reducing energy consumption by at least 70%.

Last but not least, all FlexeLux lights are composed of over 90% of recyclable aluminum.

  • Value and longevity
    • Green technology
    • More than 25 years of LED lifetime
    • Extremely low power consumption
    • 5-year warranty on LED components
  • Reliability and Service
    • No moving parts
    • Low heat
    • Best component life expectancy
    • Quick & easy access to service components
  • Performance
    • Superior "daylight" shadow-free illumination
    • Always cool to the touch
    • Engineered for maximum energy efficiency and best-in-class heat management
    • Direct-mounting of the reflector-LED pod assembly to a solid aluminum light head body contributes to industry-leading heat management.
  • Safety and hygiene
    • Hermetically sealed light head
Available products on a single suspension
FlexeLux 50 LED examination/procedure light
FlexeLux 80 LED examination/procedure light
Options for Single Surgical Light:
  • Tandem mounting with boom
Dual_F12-F16_Multicolor lights

Available dual combinations:
  FlexeLux 50 FlexeLux 80
FlexeLux 50 X X
FlexeLux 80 X X
Options for dual combinations:
  • Tandem mounting with boom